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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The West Palm Beach Food Tour Stops @ Ganache Bakery Cafe

Kelly tells our group that
there will be "Food Show
& Tell" at Ganache
Bakery Cafe.

Owners, Joan and Jamal, grew up baking together in their mom's kitchen while their siblings played outside.  Their passion for creative baking led them to open Ganache Bakery Cafe. (The French make the word for glaze sound so sophisticated.)

Today's lesson is on

Coconuts, along with other locally grown fruits and vegetables are used in West Palm Beach cuisine.

Jamal starts with the Coconut
many of us are familiar with,
the mature, meaty Coconut.
As the Coconut matures, the Coconut Water converts into Coconut meat.

Eric watches Jamal cut into
a green Coconut with a

Jamal opens Coconuts at
the Green Market on
Sundays from 9am to 1pm.

The Green Coconut is mostly

Coconut Water has very few calories and is high in potassium.  Our group drinks fresh Coconut Water.  It's delicious.

This Coconut has over
seven ounces of
Coconut Water inside.

The Coconut meat is very
soft, jelly like, in a
Green Coconut.

Kelly shows us the bean
from the Tamarind Tree.

We sample Tamarind Juice, sweetened to taste.  It is light and flavorful.  Kelly tells us Tamarind is used as a spice used in Indian, Southeastern Asian and Middle Eastern dishes.

The tiny green ball in
Kelly's hand is a

It takes a lot of Key Limes to produce the juice for a Key Lime Pie.  Kelly tells us Key Lime juice can be purchased to make this pie at home.

We each try a Key Lime
Tart, topped with
Whipped Cream... yum!

Jamal presents Ruthie
with a small Birthday
Cake & we sing
Happy Birthday to her.

Our time at Ganache Bakery Cafe has been educational, fun and tres delicieux!   

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Kristl Story said...

I bet the next time you see a coconut, I hope you'll remember your West Palm Beach Food Tour!