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Monday, February 13, 2017

Drinks at La Taberna Steakhouse in Little Havana

Eric and I walked two miles from Versailles Restaurant into Little Havana.

La Taberna Steakhouse
has outdoor seating.

It's time for Mojitos,
street side. 

Practicamos espanol con la camarera.  (We practice Spanish with our waitress.)

About La Taberna Steakhouse...

La Taberna is a small,
intimate restaurant.

Diners enjoy local entertainers
as they enjoy their meals.

Outside... Suddenly,  a limousine pulls up and doors open....  Is someone famous about to get out and go to a restaurant or gallery?

I hug the front of the building
& train my camera
on the limo.

Eight women walk
quickly to the limo
& take their seats.

Eric wonders why anyone would hire a limo to go have lunch and go shopping.  I explain to Eric that sometimes groups will hire a limo to go out for a day on the town.  He doesn't really get it, but that's OK.

Limos aren't just for weddings and proms. People who want to be chauffeured around hire the vehicle they want to be seen getting out of and returning to.  Drivers and rental companies keep their calendars full with appointments.  It's a win-win situation.

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