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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The West Palm Beach Food Tour Stops @ Jardin

Kelly led our group to Jardin
on Clematis Street.

Jardin is French for garden.  This restaurant features modern American cuisine with what's in season. Changes in ingredients encourage innovation and allows Jardin to change its menu throughout the year.

A flower garden surrounds 
Jardin's guests.

The Bar

Sit near The Bakery &
watch dessert making.

with Cucumber garnish.

They make the Tonic here
& its flavor is uniquely

I opened up the savory
Madeleine to add butter.

a new experience.

I've been schooled...  Madeleines do not have to be sweet.  The baker's imagination allows for unexpected combination of flavors.  This savory Madeline is delicious.  

The Alligator Empanada was a surprise.  The meat is shredded, not small pieces. The flavor combination with the Remoulade Sauce is wonderful!

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Kristl Story said...

Jardin is a delicious adventure in dining!