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Monday, February 6, 2017

A Key West Sunset at Sunset Pier

Eric & I return to the
Sunset Pier to wait
for sundown.

We order Conch Fritters &
Cape Codders - Vodka,
Cranberry Juice & Club
Soda with a Lime.

I love this sailboat's
red sails.

The sun will set to the right

Everybody get up
& dance!

The sky glows as the
sun sinks.

The band plays an ethereal, new age piece, in anticipation of sunset.

The sun slips lower as
boats sail south.

Day is almost done...

The sun "touches"
the horizon.

It sinks... 

... fast.

We all cheer a gorgeous
Key West sunset.

Eric and I end Day 3 in Key West and out Pub Crawl.  We have a boat to catch early tomorrow morning.  

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