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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The West Palm Beach Food Tour Stops @ Hullabaloo

Hullabaloo is defined as a
 commotion, a loud public
protest, a fuss.

Action and activity are the basis of this restaurant.  The hearth in the open kitchen is the center of activity as fire-grilled pizzas are made to order.  Executive Chef, Fritz Cassel, works in the open kitchen and is loves to chat with diners.

The Bar

One of the dining

Chef Fritz doesn't tell his customers this... He's a well known TV personality.  Luckily Kelly does his bragging for him.  Chef Fritz was on Emeril Lagasse's Show on the Cooking Channel.

Chef Fritz spends time
with Food Tourists in
the courtyard.

Yes folks, that is an Airstream Trailer in the courtyard.

Our drink is the Van Zant, made
with Bourbon, Giffard Ginger,
 Orange Blossom Honey & Lemon.

Our selected dish is Fire Roasted
 Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
 Aoli & Candied Pine Nuts.

The Van Zant was a surprise...  I heard Bourbon and shied a bit.  In combination with the Ginger, Orange Blossom Honey and Lemon, the drink is a delight.

Chef Fritz loves Brussels Sprouts and loves introducing them to the wary.  He has two eager diners with Eric and me....  Bring more, please!

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Kristl Story said...

Chef Fritz does a wonderful job on converting guests into Brussel Sprout lovers!