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Friday, February 24, 2017

A Catamaran Ride on the Inter-Coastal Waterway in the Palm Beaches

The Inter-Coastal Waterway separates West Palm Beach from Palm Beach.  West Palm Beach was originally the "workers' town."  Palm Beach, with Atlantic Ocean access has always been where the wealthy live.

Eric booked a sunset cruise
on a catamaran.

Here it is, coming into the dock, The Hakuna Matata.

We start out at 5:00 pm on
an overcast day.

The draw bridge is up to allow
the sail boat approaching us
to sail through with its
tall masts.

The world famous Breakers
Resort, where the elite
meet & greet.

Mansions line the

I think the "second floor"
of this mansion is a
series of skylights.

Eric loves this yacht,
The Crilli.

Eric & I agree that we like
the second floor veranda.

This Spanish Revival
mansion is lovely.

The flower lovers' mansion

On this BYOB Cruise, crew
pour drinks from guests'
glass bottles at the bar.

They also sell non-alcoholic drinks and snacks at the bar.

A crew member took
this photo from the top
of the ship's awning.

  There's millions, maybe billions of dollars in private
boats moored along this waterway.

This is for Titanic fans.

"I'm the King of the World!"

Sunset is muted on this
cloudy day. 

The West Palm Beach skyline lights up....

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