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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Life's a Beach on Stirrup Cay in The Bahamas

Eric and I, along with other passengers, take tenders to Stirrup Key, Norwegian Cruise Line's private island.

We look forward to a
relaxing day on
the beach.

Small buildings house
rental items...
Floats, paddle boards

Merchandise too

Hundreds of chaise lounges
wait for sun worshippers.

Eric has been reading articles about Norwegian Cruising and walks past many, many rows of chaises.

He rents a Clamshell
to shade us from
the sun.

One of several bars
set up near the beach.

Our excursion tickets

The water is welcoming.

Eric & I go to Susan's Rock
to pick up our snorkel
I'll add Eric's underwater video later.

Some go parasailing.

Eric and I graze at the buffet lunch.

People congregate 
near the bar.

I relax & watch the
day unfold.

Life's a beach & we
are happy to be here.

After a relaxing day, it's time
 to take a tender back to
Norwegian Sky.

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