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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Truman's Little White House in Key West

President Truman's working
vacations were spent in
the former Commander's
House on the Key West
Submarine Base.

David, our Tour Guide has a lot to share with our group as we tour the house.  Photos aren't allowed inside, do I relied on the internet for this blogpost.

The Little White House was a place to work hard, relax and spend time with "the boys."

This custom made Poker
Table has slots for poker
chips & ash trays for

The table's custom made cover was used when Mrs. Truman visited.  Bess was a fine, upstanding Midwestern woman who didn't approve of card playing and drinking.  She knew of Harry's leisure time and spent her time otherwise occupied.

The Living Room

The decor of the house is standard late 1940s furniture, wall treatments and drapery.  I, and many other visitors, recognize the furniture styles and some of the patterns from our youth.

President Truman worked
at this desk & he often
played the piano.

Following the closing of the Key West Submarine Base in 1974, the Truman White House was vacated.  Fortunately, the interior designer took photos of the rooms, wrote notes on each room and the Navy inventoried the contents of the house and put them in storage.  In 1988 the property was turned over to the State of Florida. President Truman's grandson, Clifton Truman Daniel is an active supporter of the Little White House and has worked to secure private funding for restoration and continuing upkeep.

The Dining Room

What about the kitchen?  It was quite small and not set up to feed large groups of people.  The kitchen on the USS Williamsburg, Presidential Yacht, was used to prepare meals for President Truman and his visitors.

President Truman's Bedroom

He carried his prized record
albums in his briefcase,
he spent time here.

The Daybed was brought in because President Truman didn't want to mess up the bed when he napped.

Bess' bedroom was quite
luxurious for its time.

The bedroom was shared
with daughter, Margaret,
when she visited.

I've seen numerous photos
of President Truman fishing
& assumed that this was a
favorite activity.

Our tour guide told me that fishing wasn't a preferred activity.

Harry fished because
Bess enjoyed it & he
wanted to be part of
one of her favorite

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