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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The African Queen Dinner Cruise at Key Largo

The African Queen is a very
small boat that gets lots
of attention.

It's available for day &

Built in 1912 in England.  Named the S/L Livingstone, the boat was shipped to Africa and used to carry mercenaries, missionaries and cargo throughout the Congo/Uganda area of the continent.  

Film Director John Huston commissioned the boat, and renamed it, for the 1951 movie, The African Queen.  That name change made the little boat world famous.  

Brian shows of pictures of The African Queen during filming in Africa....  It towed the barge that carried film equipment and replicas of sections of the boat used throughout the film.  It was actually the film's workhorse.

After the movie, the boat was several times and was brought to Florida for cruises.  It toured for special events: the 50th anniversary of the Evacuation of Dunkirk in 1980 and The Queen Mother's 90th birthday in 1990 in England.  

Since 1983, The African Queen has been giving cruises out of Key Largo.  Eric booked a dinner cruise.  Our fellow passengers are Gary and Mary from Connecticut.

The ship's captain, Brian,
pilots this famous boat
through Key Largo's

Here's the Life Ring, if
it's needed.

The boat's engine has
been carefully restored,
minus the screwdriver
that Charlie Allnut said
was dropped inside.

The African Queen is a
British vessel.

Charlie Allnut is Canadian.  The script called for a Cockney riverman from England to captain the African Queen, but Humphrey Bogart was unable do the distinct accent.  The story line to meet Bogart's voice range.

Spinster missionary Rose Sayer, played by Katharine Hepburn, manipulates Charlie into using the African Queen to destroy the German warship Louisa.  

Brian explains that boats
are taken out of the water
for maintenance, cleaning
& to protect them during
big storms.

We watch a Manatee glide
next to the boat.

Everyone in the area is on the alert for this protected sea mammal and reports their locations to boaters.  Boats cut their engines to ensure that their props don't tear into the creature's flesh.  Manatee Hospitals throughout Florida treat and rehabilitate injured Manatees.

Eric and me at the stern
of the African Queen.

Eric & the BIG Wrench.

He LOVES tools.

This is an expensive
neighborhood with
houses selling for
$2.8 million & up.

As sun sets, the sky
gets colorful.

Brian docks the African
Queen at The Pilot House.

Gary, Mary, Eric and I are looking forward to dinner dockside.

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