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Monday, February 13, 2017

Ice Cream at Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana

Azucar Ice Cream Company
sells Homemade Cuban
Ice Cream & artisanal Sorbet.

I love the brightly
colored artwork.

The cushions are covered with Guayabera Shirts, a staple in well dressed Cuban men's closets.

Eric & I stopped in at
a quiet time.

Azucar Ice Cream Company is a very popular ice cream shop.

Sorbets, in many

Eric makes his choice,
Oreos 'n Ice Cream.

As I go down the list of
ice cream flavors,
Beam Me Up catches
my eye.

The serer asks me if I want to know what's in this flavor.  I told him that I have faith in Star Trek inspired ice cream....  Bourbon-Heath Bar.   Yum!

Comer rapido antes de
que se derrita!

(Eat fast before it melts!)

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