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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sloan's Ice Cream Shop in West Palm Beach, Florida

I commented on this pink
building, next to Pizza
Girls, it during the West
Palm Beach Food Tour.

Fellow food tourist, Lauryn, told Eric and me that Sloan's has the most unusual bathroom doors. They fog up when locked by the user.

Sloan's sells many unique
homemade ice creams,
candies, fun gifts &
a lot more...

Ice cream flavors are
listed on mirrors.

A train runs back & forth
beneath the ice cream

Sadly, the foggy bathroom
doors are not functioning

A note on the other door states that Sloan's is waiting for new foggy doors.

With so many yummy  flavors to choose from, it was hard, but we did select an ice cream
to share.

Eric with our Almond Joy
Ice Cream, as he shows
off Sloan's decorative
ice cream table.

Our ice cream was deee-lish!

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