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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Riding Bikes & Counting Alligators @ Shark Valley in Everglades National Park

Eric & I took a day trip to

We've read about Alligator and bird sightings on their 15 mile loop trail.  Spoiler Alert...  There's a LOT of wildlife to be seen on this loop.  Bike, hike, take the tram, you will not be disappointed.

A Great Blue Heron at
the water's edge.

There are other birds...  I chose not to add them to this post.

Our first Alligator

This is one of the many
Alligators that hang out

Eric started counting in Spanish... Uno (1), dos (2), tres (3), cuatro (4), cinco (5), seis (6)...

Gators are everywhere!

Eric and I heard Alligators "growl" at each other.

Eric rides toward one.

Many visitors ride the tram.

Young Alligators in the

We hear them coo....

Eric and I keep our distance.  We don't want Mama, who is nearby, to think she needs to defend her babies.

Just soaking up the

Treinte y siete (37)

Eric is within 4 feet of
an Alligator.

These creatures have very slow metabolisms....  If they have eaten recently, they are not interested in nearby prey.

This Alligator...
cincuenta y tres (53)
slowly glides through
the water.

The Observation Tower, at
the southern end of the
loop lies ahead.

Eric on the gently inclined
ramp that leads to the

I am reminded of The Jetsons'
 home as I look at this concrete

 My view from the Observation Tower.

It looks like an Alligator
Pit down there....

Ochenta y cuatro (84)

Here comes another
The northern route is dryer.  Eric and have been told to expect to see less wildlife along this grassy section of Shark Valley.

Birds roost near shallow
pools of water.

Alligators are scarce along this section of the trail.

This small Alligator is
Noventa y siete (97)

Ciento uno (101)

What a day!  Alligators are truly everywhere in Shark Valley.  Eric and I see one more... ciento dos (102), as we drive out of the parking lot.

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