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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Touring Elephant Butte Lake State Campground in Southwest New Mexico

Out next stop is Elephant

We got a temporary pass
to look at the facilities
& campsites.

The park's Main Entrance
& Self Pay Station

Campers can stay a maximum of fourteen days in this park, and the camping fees are $10.00 to $14.00 per night.

The Comfort Station

The Playground

The campsites along
Ridge Road...

... overlook the lake.

This camper's view 
of the lake

As the water level of the
lake drops, more & more
lake bottom is exposed.

The park opened this newly
exposed land to
primitive camping.

Then the wind blows, campers have been surrounded by drifting sand.

An exposed spit of land
juts into the lake.

Quail Run has 50 amp
electrical service &
water hook ups.

It's named for the Quail
that swarm the area.

Quail Run, and other developed camping areas, have a dump station 

The Lions Beach campsites,
on a small peninsula, has
30 amp electrical service
& water hook ups.

There are three rows of campsites in this section of the park.  Sites 83 through 92 are water front sites.  The view is beautiful.

Eric and I picked out a few sites we'd like to stay at, when we eventually return to this area.  It's time to return our temporary pass, and continue our drive south.

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