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Thursday, December 17, 2015

There's No Hot Water.... Steven & Jon of Kiwi RV to the Rescue at St. David RV Resort

Last night, Eric and I got an unpleasant surprise.....  There's no hot water coming out of our kitchen tap, bathroom tap and the shower.  It's weird.  We have plenty of cold water, but no cold water.

Eric looks into this on forum and the most likely cause is a broken check valve connected to the water tank.  The broken check valve is obstructing the flow of hot water to our sinks and the shower.  Our hot water heater and tank have two check valves, a lower one and an upper one.

Eric opens the panel beneath the motorhome to do the repair himself.  He doesn't have the right size wrench, and the handle isn't long enough.  We need an RV service call.

Eric asks Margo at the St. David RV Resort Office for a list of RV Service providers.  Margo sees the Kiwi RV truck here regularly.  Eric calls the RV Kiwi phone number and leaves a message.

About an hour later, the
Kiwi RV work ruck pulls up
in front of our motorhome.

Steve is at work, under our
2004 Winnebago Vectra
 motorhome when I come
out to see what's going on.

John goes to the truck to
get tools & parts for

The tools & teflon putty
Steven applies to the
threads of the new
check valve.

Steven comes out from under
the motorhome.

He hands the broken lower
check valve to Eric.

I check the sinks and the shower for hot water...  No luck.  The upper check valve must be broken too.

Steven crawls back under the motorhome.

The upper check valve
is broken, as Steven

This time, the hot water runs...

Thank you Steven & Jon for giving us back hot water.  The parts and the service call came to $110.00.  I think the cost of the repair is very reasonable.  

What would you pay for hot water?

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