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Friday, December 18, 2015

Lazydays RV, "On the Boulevard of Dreams" in Tucson, Arizona

Further up East Irivington Road
in Tucson is Lazydays RV.

The service bays are to the left.

Sales is to the right.

This RV Dealership is huge!  A lot of dreaming goes on here.

Lazydays sells Airstream

The array of Airstreams
for sale

Lazydays RV has an RV Accessory Store.  It's time to browse...  Another opportunity to dream....

I love looking at model
RVs & anything sold in
an RV shaped tin.

Euro Recliners are very
popular in RVs.

These Electric Bikes have
small electric motors.

Camp Mats, Hand Rails,
Step Covers, Foot Stools


Plumbing Supplies are
in the Necessities area
of the store.

Eric added a waste valve
in our water compartment
as an extra barrier against
a possible leaking grey or
black water valve.

(Belts & suspenders...)

Tire Covers & Toilets

RV essentials...

Rubber Roof Sealer

RV owners have homes on wheels.  They have all the systems a house has and all the opportunities for repairs a house has.

RVs electronics options:
Over the Air TV Antennas
 Satellite TV Systems
 Audio Systems

I found these Airstream
trailer ornaments as
we were leaving.

Eric and I  have one more RV Dealership stop to make.  This one is off "The Boulevard of Dreams."

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