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Thursday, December 3, 2015

All in a Day's Drive... Southwest, New Mexico

Eric plotted a drive north and a bit east of Deming...

Part of today's drive is
along a BLM Back

We drive past miles & miles
of open federal lands & then,
suddenly, there are cows.

Lake Valley Ranch

Dips in the road are labeled
with warnings of flash
flooding in low areas.

I've said it before, & I'll
say it again...

Fall hangs around for a
long time in New Mexico.

We turn to the
right, towards
Truth or
 The open range rolls on before us.

Roadside grass is being
mowed, probably for the
last time this year.

Houses occassionally
crop up...

This one has an RV
parked next to it.

This part of our drive is

Lakeview RV Park
General Store et al.

Welcome to Truth or

This city has an
 interesting history.

Our drive north takes us
to Elephant Butte Dam.

Let's look at the campsites

Are elephants are a common
a common decoration in
Elephant Butte?

As we drive south, Eric & I
see fields of Red Chilies on
dying plants.

Hatch is the Chile Capital
of the World.

The sun is setting...

Wind turbines in the
fading sunlight.

Eric points out this hand
shaped cloud.

Too many fingers, but
it definitely looks like
a hand reaching out...

We plan to return to New Mexico.  I want to camp north of Deming.  There's so much to see and do in this relatively small region of the state.

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