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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Driving to Kitt Peak Observatory, Southwest of Tuscon, Arizona

Eric and I have a two hour drive from St. David to the Kitt Peak Observatory.  It's an easy drive with a 10 minute delay in a construction area.

As we near Kitt Mountain, named
Loligam by the Tohono O'odham 
Tribe, we get our first glimpse of
the observatory on the ridge line,
about 15 miles away.

for the 12 mile climb up
the mountain on Arizona

I get quick pics of the
valley as we climb
the mountain.
 The view from a pull off

As we wind our way up
Kitt Mountain, Eric & I
are treated to changing
views of the valley floor.
The view from about mile 8 of Arizona Route 386.

Just one mile to go...

There's more than one
telescope up here.

The Kitt Observatory
Welcome Sign

This mural, with Eric at the
center, shows the mountain's
importance to the Tohono
O'odham Tribe & scientific

We head to the Visitors Center to check in for this evening's Dark Sky Discovery Tour.

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