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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shopping in Hatch, the Chile Capital of the World

Eric & I drive past fields
of Red Chilies on dying

I like my Chilies mild to medium.  Eric likes hot Chilies.  We park our car and walk from one business to another shopping for Chilies.

A narrow path through
ceramic artwork leads
to a shop with Chilies.

Eric got lots of answers
about Chilies here.

I asked about the Chilies in the fields.  They are drying in the fields and will be harvested soon.

Hatch is ready for Christmas.

Eric bought Chilies &
Chili Powder at Hatch
Chile Sales.

Hatch Chile Express has
lots of Chile sauces &
canned Chilies, but
very few are from Hatch.

Gilly's was our last stop.

I didn't care for Gilly's
high pressure sales

We bought Green Chile
Pepper, XXXX Hot Red
Chile Pepper, Course
Ground Red Chilies, 
Hatch Hot Chilies &
Pickled Veggies with

Hatch is a cute village with lots and lots of Chilies.

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