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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Exploring the Trails Near Hidden Valley Ranch, North of Deming, New Mexico

 Eric asked me if I wanted to take a ride.  "Where to?"   He shrugged and said, "I don't know,"  "Sure!"

Our drive starts in a wash
adjacent to Hidden Valley

Eric chose the left branch of the wash.

The tract gets more &
more narrow,

This is a dead end
for us. 

Erosion is dismantling
the wall of the wash.

Eric & I climb up out
of the wash.

We follow a trail across
open fields.

The tract parallels
a fence line.

I open a crude gate &
 Eric drives through.

And I close it before returning to the Jeep.  That's part of back road driving etiquette.

The tire treads are filled
with mud.

Eric heads up the mountain side,
to a dead end.

Shot gun shells...

People come out here to
target shoot.

A large tank sits just off
the side of the road.

Eric marks newly found trails for us to explore on another day.

The lone mail box.

A solitary cloud drifts
across the sky.

Cattle graze near
the trail.

Eric finds the road
back to Hidden
Valley Ranch.

Eric did a great job navigating unfamiliar terrain with very little information.  I look forward to exploring the trails he found during today's drive.

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