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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Driving a 15 Mile Poker Run for Charity Near Hidden Valley Ranch, North of Deming, New Mexico

During a stop at Hidden Valley Ranch's Community Room, Eric was asked to join a Charity Poker Run.  For $15.00 per person, participants get a card to record a Poker Hand; Continental Breakfast, go on a 15 mile ride: build a Poker Hand at designated stops; and have lunch after the drive. Participants hand in their cards with their Poker Hands.  The three winning hands receive small cash prizes. 

Eric & I are in one of
several groups of five
vehicles heading out
on a 15 mile
Charity Poker Run.

The money raised by fees charged for today's ride will be matched by Pepper's Supermarket to provide to food for those in need during the Holiday Season.

We leave the campground
for off road trails.

The Off Road Vehicle in front of us dropped out with a broken battery cable.  Luckily, it was near the start of the drive, so the walk back to the campground for a new cable was 
a short one.

This is the first time Eric and I have gone off roading in a group.  

Our Poker Cards...

The first card was randomly drawn at the Hidden Valley Ranch Community Room.  We hope to pull good cards for winning poker hands.

The trail is narrow in this
section of the wash.

The embankment
changes color as
we drive along.

Out of the wash & driving
across the valley floor

The couple in front of
us draw their cards &
their poker hands

The last two vehicles
in our group pull up
& park behind us.

Great views....

This formation is
called Rock Candy.

Oncoming traffic....

First of the day

Participants stop, pull a
card to add to their
Poker Hands.

Eric gets out to stretch
his legs.

At one time, this
was a busy mine.

Participants wait to draw the
fourth card for their
Poker Hands.

A lone flower grows
between rocks.

We follow our group leader
back to Hidden Valley

Eric turns in his
Poker Hand....

It, like mine, is not
a winner.

We had a great time....  Eric liked not having to make driving choices.  There was plenty of room between each vehicle during the drive.  We weren't in a "nose to tail" convoy, as I had expected.... We'll do this again.

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