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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair in Tuscon, Arizona

This is our visit to Tuscon.  The GPS brings us within a block of the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair. The weather has changed.  The bright blue morning skies have turned to grey, and it's been raining here.

Fourth Avenue is closed
to traffic for to make
room for 400 vendors.

Eric & I consult an over
sized Tucson street map.

Vendors at the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair are selling everything from bottled water to furniture.  These are some of my favorite pics...

Fun Fashion & Kitschy

Cute Lunch Boxes bring
 back Elementary
School memories...

Tucson artfully encourages
couples a spot to leave symbols
of their love on Fourth Ave.

Since 2006, couples have been attaching  padlocks locks to the railing on the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, France.  Sections of the bridge's fencing crumbled under the accumulated weight of the love tokens.  The locks were removed from the Pont des Arts Bridge earlier this year.

The Alligator on the
Building caught
my eye.

A Dragon glowers
at passersby.

parked on a side street.

The person wearing this
fluffy Chick Head gets
LOTS of attention.

 so I could gt a picture.


The Physics Factory sent
the Physics Bus with

This "Modern Art" piece
shows the streaks made
by tiny pieces of hail
 bouncing off road.

Visitors gather around
a table with a fire pit
in the middle.

Don't remove the tree stump.

Create  art with it.

Eric in front of the
Hippie Gypsy

Unique... Obsidian
stone knives

inky binky bonky...

a great name for a
kids clothing vendor

above the vendor tents.

The Hut is open
for lunch.

We enjoyed our walk and browsing fun, unique items at the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair, and bought... nothing.

Finally, The Iron Horse
Beer Tent

It's too cold for "walking around beers."  Eric and I walk towards our car.  There are some bars for us to explore nearby.

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