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Friday, December 18, 2015

Lunch at The Olive Garden in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Eric and I drove to the Verizon Corporate Store in Sierra Vista, about a half hour south of St. David. The SIM Card in my phone is not working.  Verizon Corporate Stores do not charge a fee to replace SIM Cards.

Jill took care of my phone.

Eric & I were amazed that
the store was so busy.

Eric spotted the nearby
Olive Garden & asked
me if I was hungry.

My answer, "Yes."

This will be our second time eating at an Olive Garden.  Eric and I ate at the Olive Garden on Wolf Road in Colonie, New York on a Saturday at 11:30 am in 2003.  We had stopped there several times before and left because we don't wait 45 minutes to be seated, anywhere.  

The dining area was
quiet on a weekday
at 1:20 pm.

This fireplace separates
dining areas.

Booths ring the walls
with tables in the
center of the room.

This table for eight is
tucked into an alcove.

We had a great conversation with our server, Raymond.  He is currently serving as an MP (Military Police) in the National Guard.  Eric served in the National Guard from 1978 through 1981 as a Truck Driver (Transport Operator.)   I told Raymond that I hope his service passes safely.

Eric & I chose the Salad &
 Pasta luncheon special,
with a glass of Red Wine.

Eric and I agreed that we prefer our hometown Italian Restaurant's sauce.  The salad, served at the table, was lightly dressed.  The portions were perfect for lunch.  There were no leftovers to bring home.

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