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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Eric Has Fun Off Roading in the Dirt North of Deming, New Mexico

 This is our last off road drive near Hidden Valley Ranch

We are off roading in a
different section of the
wash near our campground.

The Spanish term for wash is arroyo.


Deep ruts in a section of the
wash that dries slowly

There's an incline ahead.

I wonder how steep it is.  

Here we go....

Eric leaves me in the wash so I can take some video of what he just drove down.   Then, I take video of Eric driving up the incline.  

We continue our drive.

Driving up and down dirt inclines is easier than on rocks.  

This portion of the wash
is a winding crevice 

Eric looks for another
access road into the

Today's drive is
coming to an end...

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