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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Main Street Hillsboro, New Mexico

Seventeen miles north of the deserted Lake Valley community is Hillsboro.

Welcome to Hillsboro...

The police are ready to
protect & serve.

Founded in 1877, Hillsboro became a bustling community after Gold and Silver were discovered in the nearby Black Range.  Hillsboro served as the seat of Sierra County from 1884 to 1939.

I like the purple doorway
on this stone house.

I wonder if it is one of the oldest buildings in the community.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Catholic Church

Most of the front of
this small house is
a bay window.

 & Art is located in a historic
 1899 building that was
originally a bank.


I like the porch on
this house.

Visitors tour the Black Range
Museum by appointment.

Hillsboro is charming village.  I'm glad Eric and I stopped to spend some time here.

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