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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sam's Mobile Washing Details Our Motorhome in Winterhaven, California

Number 1 on our To Do List at Pilot Knob RV Resort is a thorough wax for our motorhome.

Eric called Sam's Mobile
Washing & made an
appointment to get our
motorhome washed
& waxed.

Sam's did a great job on the motorhome in 2013.  I was surprised that the cost had not gone up. 

Eric talks with the

I check out the back of
the van.

Everything they need
is packed in this
small space.

powers the water jet
used today.

The roof is washed,
& rinsed off.

The sides of the motorhome
are washed & rinsed.

The back of the motorhome
was VERY dusty from our
 drive on a gravel road to

The wheels are

The front of the motorhome
gets special care.

Water is squeegeed off
the windows.

Wax is applied. 

And buffed out.

The hard to reach areas
receive special

Eric can barely look
at our shiny

Our team is not done...

For an extra fee, we get
the Jeep washed.

It sparkles!
Thank you for making our motorhome and car look like new..

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