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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lunch at the Les-Paul Lounge in Tucson, Arizona

Eric bought a Groupon for the Les-Paul Lounge in Tucson.  After looking over the menu, I'm looking forward to lunch there.

It's located in the Tucson

Les-Paul Lounge is
conveniently located
off the main corridor.

Today's specials are listed
on the sandwich board.

I like the door mat.

Paul Kukich, the owner of BurgerRito Food Truck and Les Baxter, owner of Hog Pit Smokehouse are bringing their best recipes together at Les-Paul Lounge.

Desserts are on display
in the deli counter.

Music & bright colors
go together.

There's a second dining area...

This room is decorated
more formally.

There's a full bar
in this room.

Les-Paul Lounge hosts
music on the weekends
& has Karaoke on
Wednesday nights.

I enjoyed reading the menu.  There are some interesting food combinations here....  Burgerritas, the BBQ Spud, a baked potato topped with Brisket, Pulled Pork, Nacho Cheese and Bacon Bits.  For those with smaller appetites, there are Pulled Pork and Brisket Sliders.

Fortunately for us, the menu is very flexible. Our waitress, Hailee showed us the Sides Menu.  We can ordered Pulled Pork and Brisket without bread.  We can sample all the foods that we want to try.

Our lunch includes:
Ribs & Hog Beans,
with Pork
Cole Slaw
French Fries
Pulled Pork

Eric has a Fat Tire Beer.

Oooh, it's sooo good....

Les-Paul Lounge is an awesome, little known restaurant in Tucson.  It's location, in the Tucson Bank Building, makes it harder to find.  And, it's worth the effort.  We enjoyed delicious food at reasonable prices.

Come for the food and stay for the music, at Les-Paul Lounge.

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