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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Kitt Peak Observatory Visitor Center

The Visitor Center has a
small observatory.

There are 25 Mirror (Reflecting
or Optical) Telescopes2
Radio Telescopes at Kitt Peak.

The Visitor Center has hands-on exhibits that explain work done here.

Plasma (Hot Ionized Gas)
is the Fourth State
of Matter.

Eric manipulates

This Concave Mirror shows
the type of mirror used in
telescopes on Kitt Mountain
to focus light for the study
of the night sky.

Learn about Spectroscopy,
the study of Light & the

... as you study the emission 
lines of different elements.

Elements emit different amounts
of infrared radiation, which have
been charted & used to by
astronomers to identify the
composition of stellar bodies.

Astronomers study the Infrared
Radiation emitted by Planets,

I'm on the left hand side
of the screen.

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