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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our Morning in Los Algodones, Mexico

Eric and I returned to Los Algodones to go to the dentist.  Eric had a Root Canal last month and needs a permanent crown.  Dr. Kelley recommended I get a crown on a
rear molar.

Los Algodones (the cottons) has many dentists.  Men walk the streets with cards for dental offices, trying to steer tourists to specific dentists.

A fellow RVer had high praise

She gave me one of his cards, and Eric made a consultation appointment.

Eric & I brought our X-Rays
& treatment plans to 
Dr. Barraza to review.

We made appointments to get the work done next week.

We walked past Fundadores
(Founders) Plaza.

I love this brightly
painted church.

El Paraiso is a fun
place to eat &

& our coffees

I do some souvenir looking....  This frustrates the vendors who push to make sales.  As a shopper with poor skills, I need to know what I am looking for before I can make a purchase.  I do a lot of looking, and get over stimulated.

Eric gets directions to the tortilla factory.  Between the directions and my recollections from two years ago, we what we are looking for...

We buy two packages of
flour tortillas.

This is easy shopping....

We wander into 
Panaderia Superior

Customers are given plastic trays and tongs to make their selections.

We have to try the flour
dusted bread on the
bottom shelf.

One of this...

One of that...

Eric brings our tray, laden with pastries and bread to the saleswoman.  The total is $3.90. We are pleased, and amazed.

The pay phone on
the corner

Eric stops to make sure I
get a photo of the Los
Algodones water tower.

Passports in hand, we go through U.S. Customs, claim our pastries and tortillas and walk to our car.

Ooops.... We started
snacking before I
took the picture.

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