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Friday, March 31, 2017

Eric & I Drive Northeast to Lexington, South Carolina

Eric & I leave Stone Mountain 
Park to start our drive northeast
Lexington, South Carolina.

Eric takes his time on winding
secondary roads.

I like Tire Shack's
roadside sculpture.

Sometimes we have to drive
south, along Georgia State
Route 124 before driving

Interstate 20 East shares this 
section of highway with US 

Traffic slows at it shifts to the
left lane to drive around a
police car & fire trucks.

 I got a quick peek as we drove past...  The remains of a burnt out car wait to be towed away.

High clouds make today's
drive a pretty one.

Trees are budding &
starting to leaf out.

The Rockdale Water Resources
Water Tower is part of the
Rockdale County's water

Just 105 miles to Augusta.

Ambulances & two firetrucks
responded to what I assume is
an accident on a westbound

We stay on Interstate 20
East & continue our
drive toward Columbia.

The Welcome to South
Carolina sign

Interstate 20 turns northeast toward Columbia at the state line.

Water Tower

The "This is Big" Subway
sign is well placed, near
the water tower.

Eric & I fondly remember
South Carolina's inexpensive
gas prices.

Lawn mowing equipment is
parked west of Exit 44.

I see a crane in the distance.

It's road construction season.

Water Tower in Lexington

We turn onto South Lake Drive in Lexington.

Eric asks me to get a shot of

We keep a list of BBQ restaurants as we travel across the country.  Fortunately, Maurice's Piggie Park BBQ has multiple locations.  Eric and I will sample their ribs, brisket and pork the next time we are in the area.

Eric pulls into the Walmart
parking lot, where we are
staying the night.

We have a subscription to  For $24.95 per year, Eric and I have access to businesses locations throughout the United States and Canada that allow RVers to park overnight. Many do not charge a fee.  As recommended, I called ahead and received permission to spend the night along the outer edge of the parking lot.

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