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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Yuge St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia

It was 36 degrees Fahrenheit when Eric and I left Skidaway State Park Campground to drive into Savannah at 5:00 am.  We found a parking spot at Little Bryan Missionary Baptist Church on East Gwinnett Street.  Eric and I carry our chairs, cooler, etc. just a few blocks to Abercorn Street, where the St. Patrick's Day Parade starts.

And....  Eric is now famous for his big furry hat and jacket.

Morning News took this
waited for the parade
to start.

The sun eventually crested the tall trees east of Abercorn Street and things heated up.  America's second largest St. Patrick's Day Parade starts now.....

The parade started at 10:15 am
 with Bagpipe Music.

Fairfield Gaelic Pipe Band
provides the first music of
the morning.

of State represents the
Emerald Isle in Savannah.

Oglethorpe Charter School
Titan Band from Savannah

Savannah steps off....

The Dwaine & Cynthia Willett
Children's Hospital of
Savannah float

17 Hundred 90 Restaurant
sent a beautifully decorated
antique car to the parade.

to the crowd.

Eric twirls his green
beads for me.

A woman dressed to honor
Savannah's Live Oak Trees
 leads City's employees.

Clydesdales pull the Wells
Fargo Stagecoach.

Coca-Cola sent a float
to the parade.

Here comes another
Color Guard.

Army Rangers march by.

The Vietnam Veterans' float

Shriners on motorcycles

How does that little
Leprechaun carry a
full grown man?

Argh mateys.... Thar be

Church's float

Bulldogs from Savannah

The Georgia State Patrol

Hillbillies brought their
Out House to the

The Savannah Morning
News float

Mini Dune-Buggies!

The Mini Dune Buggy
Tow Truck

Georgia Southern

Their mascot, Gus the Eagle,
waves at the crowd.

They brought a live Eagle
with them...

Uniquely costumed

... are accompanied by
Caribbean music on
The Original Crab Shack

The Tybee Queen sails by.

Motorized Big Wheels
on parade.

A Higgins Boat transports the


Foundation's float promotes

The US Coast Guard

Baton Twirlers march by.

Eric is pleased to see the
group is made up of adults.


The Keystone Kops brought
their Paddy Wagon.

Eric & I wave at Skidaway
Island State Park Rangers.

Long Island, New York.

Today is a great day for the Irish and Savannah's St. Patrick's Day Parade honors its Saint well.

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