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Friday, March 24, 2017

The General Store @ Stone Mountain Campground

The General Store at
Stone Mountain

Cold Drinks

Arctic Blast Frozen

Stone Mountain
Tee Shirts

This large store has
starting with candy.

Disposable Cups & Plates,
Batteries, WD-40, Duct Tape,
Extension Cords, Light Bulbs

Personal Care Items

Detergent, Spray Cleaners,
Clothes Pins, Dish Pans,
Health Care Products, 
Toilet Paper

Canned Foods, including Sardines,
Saltines, Condiments, Biscuit
Mix, Flower, Oil, Spaghetti
Sauce & Pasta

Fishing Lures & Poles,
Styrofoam Coolers &
Fish Buckets

Coaxial Cable, Wire Couplings &
Splitters, Water Nozzles, Hose
Connectors, Hammers, Pliers,
Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Washers,
Fly Swatters, Tent Stakes, Rope
Buckets, Brooms & Plungers

I almost forgot the Ice Chest....  Get your bags of ice here.

Walking Sticks, Table Cloths,
BBQ Tools, Spatulas. Frying 
Pans, Pots, Coffee Press, 
Roasting Sticks, Propane Tanks,
Lighter Fluid, Charcoal, 
Fire Starters, Duraflame Logs

Rain Ponchos, Umbrellas,
Flip Flops
Outdoor Game Equipment -
Badminton Rackets & Shuttlecocks,
Plastic Bats & Balls, Jump Ropes,
RV models, Balls & Frisbees

Frozen Hamburgers, Cheese
 Burgers, Steak Sandwiches,
  Hot Pockets....

This is a great food option for campers.  The General Store Manager has done a thorough job of providing everything campers need, except fun.

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