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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's Time to Head Northwest to Waycross, Georgia

Eric and I have a travel schedule to keep.  It's time to leave Florida and head northwest to Waycross, Georgia.

Today's drive stars on

Trees are bursting
with new leaves.


This section of northern
Florida has a lot of
Pine Trees.

Lumber trucks are a common
sight in northern Florida.

We drive past Seminole

The Generating Station burns 11,000 tons of coal per day. Cooling towers are used to dissipate heat from the large amounts of water used to generate electricity.

Eric points out this old

Railroad tracks cross

Boats & piers on Doctors Lake

Black "spaghetti" in the  roadway's
median was a topic of conversation.

Eric thinks that electricity is 
being added to the median.

around Jacksonville.

Traffic is light between 10:00 am &
3:00 pm, non commute hours.

This sign caught my eye...
specialize in men's divorce

Our drive continues on US
Route 23/1 North.

Georgia;s state sign reminds me

Folkston's water tower

is that a way....

The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is southwest of Folkston.

Laura S. Walker State Park
Campground is our home
for the next seven days.

Here we are, lakeside

We have water and electric hookups.  There is no sewer hook up at this campsite.  Our DirecTV dish easily picked up TV satellites.  

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