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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Eric & Jim Reunite in Decatur, Georgia


High School friends, Jim & Eric
start their visit at the County Jail.

Jim is an artist who loves the Old West, so much so that he built a Jail in his back yard.

I locked them to allow them to
give them some time to catch
up on the last 37 years.

After some time in close quarters, it was time to go see Jim's studio.

He rents space at Little
Tree Art Studios.

Eric asks Jim about his
artwork as a mounted
Sioux Warrior looks on.

Some of Jim's art supplies

More supplies sit on a
bookshelf in the corner,
beneath a model of an
Old West town.

Eric & I find a sinister
looking Quaker Oats
Man in one of Jim's

The Sheriff has his gun
trained on a giant holding
a Pinwheel & eating a
Hot Dog.

Jim's art plays with the absurd.

The Madonna surrounded by
is an example of Jim's

Jim uncovers a piece
for Eric to look at.

Jim likes to "mashup time,"
in his artwork.

Smoothie Candies, a race car and Marshmallows, a 1950s housewife and Bush's Best Baked Beans are out of sync, time-wise with Cowboys.

Tupperware Party is part of the
Homemakers of the American
Dream Series Jim exhibiteed
at Callanwolde Fine Arts
Jim's exhibit featured American women in subservient roles in 1960s product ads.

Red Crown presents the darker
side of Jim's works with a man
 raising a crowbar to attack a
1940s Gas Station Attendant.

Jim draws inspiration from his past, from photos, famous artwork, etc.

A friend's father is ringed
by women as he opens
a 1940s refrigerator.

 over the studio.

The crew on the bridge of
a submarine look at a
17th century painting of
Dutch Masters with a
little boy wearing a beanie
& holding a large lollipop.

Smiling housewives go about
their daily tasks while fiendish
children romp nearby.

Jim's works are eclectic.  He employs stereotypes, consumerism and "time travel" to tell stories. Some of his works are what they are.... flights of fancy, whimsy, long reaches to puns.

Eric and I appreciate Jim allowing us a peek behind the scenes in his art studio.

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Anonymous said...

Verry energetic blog, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?