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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Looking for Landmarks in Augusta, Georgia

I'm looking for three landmarks in Augusta.  The first one was easy to find.

is down the street from the

One down, two to go...

This is an interesting

It's the Southern Bible
Institute & Seminary.

For me, travel is all
about learning...

I admire the architectural
details of Most Holy
Trinity Catholic Church.

We pass by the Old

has two plaques above the
door commemorating its
Centennial in 1904 &

boyhood home.

Woodrow Wilson was a college professor and then President of Princeton University and Governor of New Jersey before being elected President in 1912.  

Two down, one to go...

I admire the porch
on this house.

Lavender with green trim...
bold choices for this

Finally, the last landmark on my list.  Many thanks to the Friedman Branch of the Augusta Public Library for helping me find this site.

The Georgia State Capitol
was located here from
1785 to 1795.

There's a lot more to see and do Augusta.  Eric and I are making plans to return to the area in early April during the Masters Golf Tournament.  The weather will be warmer and Augusta and adjacent area are teeming with tourists at that time.  There will be many opportunities to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes, people watching.

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