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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lunch at Satchels Pizza in Gainesville, Florida

Satchels Pizza is on all the
Gainsesville restaurant

There are tables in this
van for diners.

After a sun-filled hike, Eric and I choose to eat inside.

1970s colors & furniture
decorate this section
of the restaurant.

I admire the mosaic tiled floor.

The main dining room is
bright, with lots of artwork.

Sit & watch staff
prepare your meal.

As newbies, we decided to try Satchels' Salad and a Slice option.

Our salads are fresh
& yummy!

Eric's Bacon, Broccoli &
Banana Pepper slice.

I chose Artichoke Hearts &
Black Olives as my toppings.

I know this sounds lame, I tend to like everything, as I do not have a refined palate.  Satchels knows how to make pizza...  The sauce is very good, the crust is excellent!  Eric loved his topping combination.  Mine were great, as I knew the combo would be.

Mosaics decorate the
outside of Satchels.

There's a wall of sports
trophies too.

Where did all the trophies come from?

The Hub Cap Wind Chime
clunks in the breeze.

Mobile artwork in
the parking lot

Water powers this

Knickknacks decorate
the base of the display.

This piece reminds me of East Jesus at Slab City in southern California.

There's more dining
areas behind Satchels.

I like the option of dining
in a Green House.

 There's music "under the plane" Friday & Saturday
nights from 6 to 9 pm.

Satchels is a fun, eclectic place to eat and enjoy "cast off" artworks.

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