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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dinner at The Brick Store Pub in Decatur, Georgia

Brick Store Pub is across
the street from the Dekalb
History Center Museum.

 There's outdoor seating.

The first floor eating area.

The downstairs bar

Part of The Brick Store Pub's
extensive beer selection.

Here's the link to a CNN video of The Brick Store Pub's massive beer selection.  

The upstairs bar

I like the exposed beams
& old brick walls.

We peruse the very long,
extensive list of beers.

Jim recommended the

I like this mild German beer.

The Appetizer Plate:
Pickled Okra, Cauliflower,
Red Onion, Asparagus,
Squash & Mustard Seeds
with Pimiento Cheese 
topped with Bacon &
Red Pepper with

Eric and I are introduced to Pimiento Cheese, a Southern specialty.  It's tasty!  We decide that we would never, ever say no to pickled Okra, Asparagus or Mustard Seeds.

Eric & I ordered the Fish &
that Jim recommends.

Jim's right.  The Fish and Chips is delicious!  The Remoulade Sauce is a tasty accompaniment.

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