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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Northeast to Savannah, Georgia

Eric and I have a schedule to keep.... Today we are driving secondary roads to the Savannah area.

Our drive starts on US Route
82/Georgia State Route 520

There's not much traffic
as we start our drive. 

The Hoboken Water Tower
stands out against a grey,
overcast sky.

We are 34 miles west

We are skipping Interstate 95 North in favor of a drive through Georgia's smaller cities and towns.

Trees are blooming.

Nahunta is one of the small
cities we will drive
through today.

Piggly Wiggly...

The grocery store that started
my blog posts on markets.

This road is an Evacuation
Route, or will we take
the detour? 

Just 67 miles to Savannah.

Eric turns onto US Route 84/

This section of Georgia State Route 38 is just 1.4 miles long.

Ludowici's Water Tower
blends into the grey sky.

Bootleggers Package Store

Anyone who made, transported, distributed or sold alcohol during America's Prohibition was bootlegging.

We turn onto US Route 17/
Georgia State Route 25

Georgia Route 25 North is another short, spur route.

Our 12 foot 4 inch motorhome
has plenty of headroom along
this tree covered roadway.

Moon River...
Wider than a mile...
Composer Johnny Mercer lived on this river inlet and made it famous.

Almost there... Skidaway Island

Eric registers at the Office/
Camp Store.

We are given a list of six available campsites.  I want Site 42.... because 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.  Eric, son, Adam, and I Douglas Adams fans.

Site 42 has water, electric &
sewer hookups.

Our motorhome is carefully parked so our DirecTV Dish can find TV satellites.

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