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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Nature Trail at Laura S. Walker State Park in Waycross, Georgia

Laura S. Walker State Park's 
Nature Trail starts in the
woods across the road from
the rest of the park.

I spend some time familiarizing
myself with the layout of the
 trails in this section of the park.

The sandy trail is covered
with dried Pine Needles.

The trail is well marked.

There's a lot of undergrowth
in this forest.

A bench for hikers to rest &
sit quietly listening &
looking for animals.

I hear birds singing in the distance...

Signs along the trail provide
information on the animals
& birds that live in this
region of Georgia.

A raised wooden walkway
crosses a swampy area.

A number of boards are loose and they thunk down on the supports as I walk.  With all the noise I am making, it isn't likely that I will see any animals on this section of the trail.

A bench has been placed
next to a stream.

Curvilinear... is a great

The fewest number of
trees were taken down
to build this walkway

I stop to admire
Mirror Pond.

I hear a Woodpecker tapping at a tree to find bugs to eat.

This tiny little yellow flower
is suspended from a bush
by a long, thin stem.

The trail returns to 
Pine Needle covered

full bloom stands near
Laura S. Walker State 
Park's driveway.

This two mile walk was easy and relaxing.

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