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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Train Viewing Platforms in Folkston, Georgia

The roofed train watching
platform is known as the
Folkston Funnel.

Train watchers sit comfortably on this shady platform or enjoy picnics as they wait for trains
to pass.

A train watcher goes to
the railing to watch an
incoming train.

Some train watchers keep
records of the types of 
trains & the times when
the pass through Folkston.

Here comes another one....

There's another viewing platform across the railroad tracks.

Next to the covered platform
is a yellow train car.

There's the Chessie the
Railroad Kitten logo.
Chessie the Railroad Kitten was my favorite reference question when I worked as a librarian. Marjorie, a very inquisitive library user, wanted to know about the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway's long running ad campaign.  She wanted to know when the Chessie campaign started promoting the railroad's comfortable sleeping car; the length of the campaign, etc.

The internet didn't answer all of Marjorie's questions.  I requested a books from libraries in Ohio to gather the information needed.  She was delighted with the answers to her questions.

Peake's Cabin....

Peake was Chessie's mate.

The internet continues to "grow" over time with added information. provides a brief overview of the Chesapeake and Ohio's evolving ad campaign with the history of the railroad.

The railway car and cabin are available for visitors to rent by contacting Whistlin Dixie to make reservations.

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