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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Walking Around Historic St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine was founded by the Spanish in 1565, but the buildings here aren't that old.  The British burnt St. Augustine to the ground following an unsuccessful attempt to siege Castillo de San Marcos in 1702.

The town was rebuilt in early 18th century architectural styles.

Former homes, converted to
 businesses. have porches.

Eric at St. George Street.

It's been converted to a
pedestrian walkway.

Diners at Cafe del Hidalgo
dine alfresco on the

The Pena Peck House,
circa 1750, has been home
to prominent Spanish &
British families.

center of the oldest
 Catholic Parish in Florida
& the United States.

is beautifully decorated 
for Christmas. 

Built in 1813, the Constitution
 Constitution, passed in 1812.

Of all the obelisks erected in Spanish settlements to celebrate the new Constitution, this is the only one to survive.

The Public Market continues
to host vendors 400 +
years later.


The Public Well was built
in the 1600s & served the
community well for
 many, many years.

commemorates the non-
violent Civil Rights march 
led by Young in 1964 that 
was met by violence.

National news coverage of this peaceful march and violent beatings helped break Congress' filibuster of the Civil Rights Act.

was established in 1821.

This church was built
in 1831.

This statue of Ponce de Leon
celebrates his discovery
of Florida in 1513.

This building, with wrought
iron railings, reminds me of

Eric in front of one of the
Tini Martini Bar at the
Casablanca Inn.

Horse drawn carriages wait
to show visitors around
the city.

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