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Friday, December 23, 2016

Shopping at the Super Target in Palm Coast, Florida

Nineteen miles north of Flagler Beach is Palm Coast.  Large stores and chain restaurants are located here.

This is our first visit
to a Super Target.

The store is "dressed up"
for holiday shopping.

Eric & I browsed the
Christmas aisles looking
for a decoration, or two.

We left without a bauble for the motorhome.  We have all we need to celebrate Christmas.

Eric looks for some
fresh vegetables.

Target's grocery section
is very large.

Processed Meats &
Fresh Meats

The Dairy Section

These photos don't have people in them, by design.  I don't want to invade other people's privacy.

I like the prominently
labeled Price Scanner
& a phone to talk to
Customer Service.

Freshpet Foods

What a concept!

I learn new things when I go shopping with Eric.

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