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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Visit to St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery
is housed in the old
FP&L Ice Plant.

A group of 28 St. Augustinians bought this abandoned building, spent years rehabilitating it and started distilling here.

Eric at the Distillery

Visitors "clock in" at the
antique time clock.

Refrigeration Machinery
 used in the Ice Plant.

St. Augustine Distillery gets
its Sugarcane, Wheat &
Corn from small, regional

Barley, which is not grown locally, is purchased from small farms in Minnesota.  Other items needed are purchased from U.S. manufacturers.

Blocks of ice traveled,
suspended from this beam,
across the old Ice Plant.

James describes the
Distilling process.

St. Augustine Distillery makes Vodka, Gin, Rum and Bourbon.

Eric stands in front of
barrels of aging

Bourbon is a Whiskey that is aged for at least two years at 40 degrees.

The Bottling Room

Two employees bottle
up to 125 bottles of
spirits per day.

James makes a Florida
Mule with St. Augustine's
Florida Mule Mixer.

Next stop...

The Distillery's Store

St. Augustine's Vodka is
 made with Sugarcane.

Bar Accessories...

Mugs, Bottle Openers,
Coasters, Lewis Ice Bags
& Mallets to Crush Ice

High-end flasks to
take your spirits

Buy a St. Augustine
Distillery Tee Shirt
& Cap to remember
your tour.

Our purchases are
 packaged for travel.

Port Finished Bourbon is
aged in Port Barrels.

Vodka & The Distillery's
Florida Mule Mix

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