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Friday, December 23, 2016

Drinks at the Funky Pelican in Flagler Beach, Florida

Eric & I are stopping
for a drink at the

Funky Pelican souvenirs:
Can & Bottle Cozies
Shot Glasses
Tee Shirts

The Funky Pelican's
Longitude & Latitude

The Bar

Eric and I sit at a beach side counter.  We both ordered Pelicans...

I got the Funky Pelican:
 Liqueur with Orange &
 Pineapple Juice

Eric's Fallen Pelican:
Frangelico, Amaretto, Bailey's,
Kahlua, Grand Marnier & Kona
Coffee with Whipped Cream &
Maple Brown Sugar on the rim.

My drink is yummy.  Eric's is a warm, rich, flavorful experience.

The Flagler Beach Pier
 lost 160 feet to

Two surfers head to deep
water to catch waves.

Here he comes....

We watch a Seagull
fly by.

approached by a
little girl.

It says Hello....

... with fish breath.

The Pelican looks prehistoric.  It reminds me of Rodan, the Pterodactyl, from the Godzilla movies. It's easy to see the evolution from dinosaurs to birds at the beach.

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