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Monday, December 26, 2016

Driving on Daytona Beach in Florida

Daytona Beach is twenty miles south of where Eric and I are staying in Flagler Beach.  We both have fond memories of driving on Daytona Beach during vacations in the early 1980s.

It's time to return and make more memories on one of the few Florida beaches that allows cars and trucks.  

Drivers get day passes to
drive the beach.

It costs $10.00 per day per vehicle or no charge if the vehicle has a handicapped parking tag.

Traffic lanes are marked.

We watch for pedestrians
as we drive.

A truck comes up
behind us.

Eric pulled over to let the other driver pass.

This is a restful place.

Eric likes cruising....

Some fencing was destroyed
blew through in October.

A Great Egret watches
over two smaller birds.

Life Guards, aloft in this tower,
 scan the beach for swimmers
in distress.

They radio information to
teams stationed nearby in
trucks with rescue gear.

Anybody remember Baywatch?

Eric and I leave the beach and drive south through the city of Daytona Beach, looking for another beach access point.

Hurricane Matthew's winds
damaged a large portion of
the roof on this house.

A Paddle Boarder heads out
to catch waves.

In total, eight miles of Daytona's beach is open to vehicles.

This section of sand dunes has been washed away.
I wonder if a retaining wall will be built.

This group of sun worshippers
brought umbrellas to provide
 shade throughout the day

This building is undergoing
some work.

This old Dodge van looks
like it's been converted
into a camper.

Just a day at the beach...

... watching the waves come in.

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