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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Day in Palatka, Florida

Palatka's Community 
Organizations are listed
under the Welcome
to Palatka sign.

 of Commerce hosts the
Visitor Center.

A Caboose reminds Palatka
of its railway past.

Palatka's Railroad Depot is

Bethel African Methodist
Episcopal Church

The ornamentation on
this building catches
my eye... 

The Hotel James, built in 1916,
was built in the Prairie School 
Architectural Style.
Palatka has a series of murals adorning the sides of its buildings.

This one recounts the Battle at

captured by Confederate
troops in Palatka.

Local Wildflowers adorn the
wall of this building.

The former Elks Lodge, now
Hawgwash BBQ Joint, reminds
me of an old Southern home
 with separate entrances for
men & women.

This home was built
around 1886.

I admire the second floor
balcony on this building.

The Millennium
 Clock Tower

The waterfront with the bridge over the
St. John's River in the distance. 

A Great Egret strikes
a pose...

The Basil C. Pearce, Jr.
USS Tang Memorial

Ensign Basil C. Pearce died when the USS Tang was struck by one of its own Torpedoes on October 24, 1944 in the Strait of Formosa.

One of Palatka's many
older, southern style

Church was built between
1807 & 1899.

It replaces the original 1858 wood framed building.

An artist's rendering of the
Palatka Railroad Depot &

Palatka City Hall

with the Monument to

The Larimer Arts Center
was built in 1929.

Palatka proudly displays Putnam County's natural beauty and the city's history in its murals.  I found architecture from different eras, including a Prairie School building in downtown Palatka.  Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural influence stretches from New York to Iowa to Palatka, Florida.  The waterfront is lovely. It must be a great setting for weekend recreation and public events.

Eric and I worked up an appetite.  Now, where should we go for lunch?

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