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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thanks a Quarter Million, Walkabout With Wheels RV Blog Readers!

A BIG Thank You to all the Walkabout With Wheels RV Blog readers for finding and reading about two retirees living in a motorhome.  Today, the site reached 250,000 hits!  That's a lot for a blog that isn't advertised widely.

I started this blog on September 4, 2012 so Eric and I could keep family and friends informed of our retirement travels after we sold our house and gave away almost all of our belongings.

Blog readers from all over the world found this obscure Travelogue  and suddenly there were 3,000 hits per month, and more....  For some reason there were over 12,000 hits for the month of July 2016.

Reviewing Bloggers' statistics became a world geography lesson.  Where is Curacao?  I thought Armenia was located in southern Europe....  No, that's Albania, Armenia is east of Turkey.  Well, I'll be!

I want to again thank readers from across the globe for taking a few moments to read about our adventures and observations.  From September 2012 to June 2016, people in 115 countries read a post, or two.  Since June 2016, readers in Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Nepal, Namibia, Sudan, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Benin, Armenia, Fiji, Uruguay, Myanmar, Turkmenistan and Barbados spent time exploring Walkabout With Wheels RV Blog....  Now readers from 129 countries have "stopped by."   THANK YOU, everyone!

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