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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Butterflies! at the Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida

 History is located on the

Eric and I are here to visit the Butterfly Rainforest.

A wide variety of plants,
including Blue Bamboo,
has been brought here
to create a Butterfly
Friendly Environment.

A stream meanders through
the man made Rainforest.

It's stocked with Koi Fish.

Brightly colored flowers
are found throughout
the exhibit.

Visitors wander around the Butterfly Rainforest taking pictures of the Butterflies in the exhibit.  I set my camera to take take multiple shots.  These delicate insects don't sit still for long.

Southeast Asia sits on a 
flower stem.

The temperature today is perfect.  It's cool enough for the Butterflies to alight on plants, wooden railings, etc.  When it's warm, the Butterflies are very active, and harder to photograph.

The Tree Nymph rests
among pink flowers.

It also lives in Southeast

Watch your step!

 settles on the walkway.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly
lives in Central &
South America.

Eric notices a Lizard high up
 on the wall of the exhibit.

on a leaf in the foreground.

Its habitat is Southern Africa.

Its translucent wings look
pale green in this light.

Butterflies like some
of the visitors.

The Magnificent Swallowtail
lives in Central America.

Ryan brings Butterflies
to the Rainforest to
be released.

The Clipper, from Southeast
Asia, flaps its wings as it
sits on Ryan's hand.

A Tree Nymph with a
hails from Central &
South America.
It's a lovely experience, walking in a beautiful garden and watching nature's most delicate insects fly about.  

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