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Friday, December 9, 2016

A Quick Dinner at Steak 'n Shake in St. Augustine, Florida

Eric and I recently decided to eat at the biggest franchise restaurants in the United States.  There are several lists and I chose QSR's Fifty Food Franchises by Sales....  As I reviewed the list, I realized that we've eaten at 24 of the food franchises on the list including Krispy Kreme and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. There are 26 franchises yet to visit and many of them are popular throughout the South.

Eric & I decided to start
on our "franchise food quest"
with Steak 'n Shake.

Dining at this restaurant chain pares the list of restaurants to eat at by one...  25 restaurants visited and eaten at... 25 restaurants to go....

The interior decor has a '50s
 feel with Neon signs, black &
 white tiles on the walls & floor,
& backless stools at the counter.

Photos of vintage Steak
'n Shake restaurants
decorate the walls.

Eric looks up from Steak 'n
 Shake's extensive menu.

Eric's Original Double 'N
Cheese Steakburger
'N Fries

What's left of our shared
Classic Chocolate

Eric & I demolished it.

The Burgers were quite good.  The Fries were perfectly cooked.  The Chocolate Shake was make with ice cream....  Yum!  Dinner came to $14.00, including the tip for table service.

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