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Monday, July 11, 2016

**Update on The Aquarium at ViaPort Rotterdam

Via Properties has been
"recreating" the former

The aquarium has been
a challenge.

Photo by Peter R. Barber, 07/11/2016
Daily Gazette Article

Changes have been made to the flooring beneath some newly constructed tanks.  The tunnel that visitors will walk through has been architecturally challenging.

The aquarium, is behind schedule.  In the February 27, 2016 Daily Gazette article, the 26.000 square foot venue would open in May.  Construction is behind schedule.  Its opening has been moved to the fall... September, maybe as late as December.

Area residents & visitors are

.... & the Arcade & 
Bowling Lanes.

Having watched Rotterdam Square Mall decline and flounder, I look forward to changes at Via Port Rotterdam and its regeneration as an entertainment destination.  Many storefronts are empty.  What types of stores will they bring to their Rotterdam property?

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