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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Samuel De Champlain Monument in Plattsburgh, New York

French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, was sent to explore the New World and establish colonies and fur trading routes.  As geographer for King Henry IV, Champlain explored and mapped the St. Lawrence River and Niagara Falls in 1603.  Upon his return to Canada in 1608 to explore and establish fur trading routes, Champlain founded Quebec.  His voyages continued in 1609 with exploration of the Iroquois River (now the Richelieu River), which lead him to the lake that would bear his name.

Terry, Eric & Barb stand at
the foot of the Samuel de
Champlain monument.

The Indian sitting at the base of the statue represents Champlain's efforts to establish relations with the natives he met during his voyages.  Some relationships were cordial and long lasting. Some didn't go as well as anticipated.

This monument was a gift from France, given in 1909, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's discovery of Lake Champlain.

This is the view from the Champlain monument....  It's beautiful.

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